Behavioural Finance Reading List

Behavioural Finance Reading List

Behavioural Finance Reading List

As value investors people always ask us how they can do the same. Despite always giving out a reading list on the various facets of the art, people still seem to forget them and not move forward. Furthermore, finding great books to read on specific topics like behavioural finance is always a struggle. I came across this great list a few days ago at Nocturne Capital and thought it would be quite great to share with our followers. Take a look, do some reading and don’t forget to give support to the great team at Nocturne Capital.

The Bible(s):

Thinking, Fast and Slow – Kahneman

Irrational Exuberance – Shiller

Nudge – Thaler and Sunstein

Antifragile – Taleb

Introduction to Behavioral Finance:

Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes – Belsky and Gilovich

The Little Book of Behavioral Finance – Montier

Predictably Irrational – Ariely

Misbehaving – Thaler

Animal Spirits – Akerlof and Shiller

History of Finance:

This Time is Different – Reinhart and Rogoff

A Short History of Financial Euphoria – Galbraith

Biology + Psychology + Investing:

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf – Coates

Goals-Based Investing:

Personal Benchmark – Crosby and Widger


Against the Gods – Bernstein

Decision Making:

The Checklist Manifesto – Gawande

The Investor’s Paradox – Portnoy

The Paradox of Choice – Schwartz

The Power of Fifty Bits – Nease

Think Twice – Mauboussin

Behavioral Investing:

Quantitative Value – Gray and Carlisle

Behavioral Investment Management – Davies and Servigny

Value Investing – Montier

Behavioral Portfolio Management – C. Thomas Howard

The Most Important Thing – Marks

The Little Book That Still Beats the Market – Greenblatt

A Wealth of Common Sense – Carlson

Dual Momentum – Antonacci

What Works on Wall Street – O’Shaughnessy

Contrarian Investment Strategies – Dreman

The Intelligent Investor – Graham

You Can Be a Stock Market Genius – Greenblatt

A Random Walk Down Wall Street – Malkiel


The Signal and the Noise – Silver

Fooled by Randomness – Taleb

The Black Swan – Taleb

The Drunkard’s Walk – Mlodinow

Women + Investing:

Women of the Street – Jones

Warren Buffett Invest Like a Girl: And You Should, Too – Lofton

Best Expose:

Backstage Wall Street – Brown